Understanding Medicare

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A or Original Medicare and Medicare Part B cover all your health care basics. These are things like hospitals, doctor visits(outpatient), preventative care and tests. You pay a set deductable amount for your coverage. Then Medicare pays a portion and you pay a percentage of the cost of your service called a coinsurance.

Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C plans provide a private insurance alternative to the government plan. So instead of going through the Government to get your coverage, you will get all of your Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B through the private insurance company. Medicare Advantage plans that have prescription drug coverage can give you all your Medicare benefits under one policy.

Medicare Part D

Medicare does not include prescription drug coverage. You can enroll when you are eligible. You will probably pay a late enrollment fee if you elect not to join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan( Part D), or choose not to join a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) unless you have some other prescription coverage or get additional help.

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